Case Study : Afida's Journey To Becoming An Organic Powerhouse

Afida: an online store that holds a range of Organic Essential Oils & Blends was losing money by investing more in the marketing and making less ROI. Era of Ecom made a 180-degree turn on their marketing strategy and increased their ROI BY 9%. Read this case study to see how Era of Ecom did it.

“Launched in 2016, I have never seen Afida make so much progress as I did when Era of Ecom took the lead. They made Afida known across social media channels, the Redditers are going gaga over Afida, the processes are automated, I don't have to micromanage things, which gives me more time to be creative and concentrate on making products to sell, rather than worrying about selling the ones that we have.”

28% revenue increase

16% increase in email sales

7% decrease in CPA cost

-Sonia (Founder & CEO, Afida)

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Era Of Ecom:


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